Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treated with FCR

Whether you’re suffering from sleep apnea or snoring or both there will be a drop in your blood oxygen which can have devastating long term health effects. In addition, you will be deprived of deep restful sleep that’s responsible for growth and repair of all your muscles, joints, organs …. literally every cell in your body. This can lead to accelerated aging, fatigue, depression, and pain just to name a few.

The most common reason snorers seek treatment is due to it’s effect on relationships. Since snoring is usually a sign of deeper issues with mouth breathing, facial structure calapse, inflammation syndromes, weak throat muscles and tongue, sleeping posture / neck alignment, and a loose, stretched out palate.

Rarely snoring or sleep apnea fall into just one causal factor. As with many diseases we can only talk about cofactors, causative agents and life situations that like pieces of puzzle interact with each other, and together promote a chain of events ending with a named set of symptoms, health problems and with Sleep Apnea & Snoring.

Our Mission: Using only natural, healthy methods to address the root causes of Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

Dr. Lieurance will look at signs of obstruction and inflammation during your evaluation. Obstruction can come from a collapsing of the facial bones and hard palate, weak muscles in your throat, enlarged tonsils or tongue, and a palate that drops down lower than normal. By products of normal chemical reactions that occur in your cells can also accumulate in your system and cause the mucous membranes to swell which can also obstruct your throat and sinus airways. There is also the potential for an abnormal curve in the neck or cervical spine to complicate breathing patterns through the throat.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea & Snoring.

Functional Cranial Release is a manipulation of the bones of the skull which can allow for an improved flow of air through the nasal airways. This treatment is performed in series of 4 visits and spaced out 3 weeks. Just like braces to realign the teeth, the treatment involves the brief inflation of small balloons into the nasal passages which over time can make permanent changes to the structure of your skull.

Snoreplasty is the injection of natural remedies into the soft palate which create a firming effect by stimulating collagen formation. Collagen is naturally what keeps things like ligaments and tendons firm. There is medical research that demonstrated a 90% improvement in snoring.

Anti-snoring nutritional programs involve use of supplements containing natural plant enzymes and herbs that are able to break down body secretions, including mucous, allowing the body to reabsorb them and reduce congestion. The herbs can also prevent throat and nose tissue swelling, resulting in a more open and smoother airflow that helps reduce snoring and apnea.

Many times lab tests to include standard blood work, as well as a specialized, in house, testing called Constitutional Testing , is recommended. Inflammatory markers, chemical stress and swelling potential is determined and often targeted nutrition as well as lifestyle changes are encouraged. Spinal Correction using orthopedic pillows as well as traditional chiropractic care to re-establish the normal alignment of the vertebra of the neck . An x-ray of the cervical spine will show your alignment and is often recommended to determine the need for correction.

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