Parkinson’s Disease treated, Naturally, with Functional Neurology & FCR.

At our clinic we offer a unique treatment option for Parkinson’s Disease. Due to the complex nature of most degenerative neurologic conditions such as PD it mis necessary to have a comprehensive program to address many of the underlying issues with the nervous system. Our approach is a combination of Functional Neurology, Glutathione Therapy, IV NAD therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy. Because it is best to activate the area’s of the brain associated with production of dopamine so they can both survive as well as repair themselves using functional neuralgic exercises to do this is the most effective means. Specific exercises are created by Dr Lieurance and they administered in combination with cranial therapy to allow better circulation around the brain. NAD, Glutathione and Stem Cells are all area’s of alternative medicine that are able to promote better function of the brain in various ways I will explain in these video’s below.


A Video Explaining Functional Neurology which is critical in our FCR Program.

GlutaGenesis a Glutathione Rich Supplement for Parkinson’s.

Functional Cranial Release can offer an effective and lasting answer to the Disease of Parkinson’s. I encourage you to look into how FCR can be your answer that you’ve been looking for.