30 Day’s to Better Brain & Balance

Congratulations on your choice to begin a 30 day brain & balance program with me. I have put this program together to help my patients in my office to gain more control over there coordination as well as improving brain function. I treat many patients who range from sever neurodegenerative to athletes looking to improve there game. These exercises are helpful for anybody looking to keep their brain young and healthy.
Check out this research paper which is one of many that show a direct correlation of balance with your brain function.

Postural sway reduction in aging men and women: Relation to brain structure, cognitive status, and stabilizing factors

Edith V. Sullivana, , , Jessica Roseb, Torsten Rohlfingc, Adolf Pfefferbauma, c

Received 11 May 2007; revised 10 August 2007; Accepted 21 August 2007. Available online 24 October 2007.

Brain function such as cognitive status according to the literature has a relationship to postural sway. Greater sway was related to evidence for greater brain structural involutional changes, ( this means less thing your don’t want to happen)  indexed as ventricular and sulcal enlargement and white matter hyperintensity burden. ( this means bad stuff happening in your brain.)

The following exercises will help improve the brain function and they are also great for anyone who is suffering vertigo, parkinson’s, tremors, memory or cognitive difficulties and of course balance or coordination problems. Please remember to start  slowly as your brain responds best to more frequency then higher intensity. That means you are best to do 3-4 minutes of VRT each session working up to 5-10 minutes after 2-3  weeks. If you are tired then you might do less that time. Start with the seated series and work up to the standing series at about the 2-3 week range. Good luck and make sure to visit AdvancedWellness.US for information of health and vitality!

 For those really interested in taking Brain Function to a peak level take a look at FCR and Glutathione.  Below are a couple introductory video’s.


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