Dr. John Lieurance completes training with Dr Richie Shoemaker in the diagnosis and treatment of CIRS in 2019.


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS.

In 2019 Dr John Lieurance joined dozens of doctors from around the world in Ft Lauderdale Florida for the annual CIRS certification meeting on the Shoemaker Protocol. CIRS can not only be caused by mold exposure but also lyme, viral infections, red tide, head trauma like TBI, and even chronic toxic exposure. In some people there are genes that express themselves so that one cannot successfully present antigens to the immune system and thus a build up of inflammatory biotoxins!

What Mold Does to Your Body – Understanding Mold Illness

Things didn’t used to be so difficult to accomplish. It didn’t used to be impossible to make it through a day at work. Now you find it almost impossible to get through a load of laundry. You are so tired all of the time. You are just hoping your disability is approved so you can live.

Maybe you were a star athlete at school and at the top of your class. Now you just try to make it through your classes and survive the massive headache that hits by second period. That’s if you can handle the nausea and vomiting that starts, or the diarrhea that is inevitable. Just trying to stay awake and focus on your studies at school becomes the goal of your entire day -not to mention remember what you are learning. Gone are the days of zipping through your classes and getting to ball practice after school. You can’t even breathe well enough at school to make it through the day. Dreams of being a part of that state championship athletic team have been destroyed.

This is what happens to people who are injured by Dangerous Buildings – those that are filled with biotoxins that your body cannot process because of your genes. This is a real illness and wreaks havoc on your body. Your body’s response to the poisons causes such inflammation throughout the major systems of your body that life as you knew it has changed forever.

Of course while all of this is happening in your body, you probably still look ok. You get told all of the time that you don’t look sick. But you sure do feel sick.

Maybe you have been to countless doctors and had countless tests, only to be told everything is normal or that you have allergies. Or even worse, that you look fine, so your complaints must be in your head. You are told you are just depressed and that you have a phychological problem.

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Hearing loss, Tinnitus and Vertigo Treatment using LumoMed Laser Therapy



Dr. John on ABC News

Is Inner Ear Regeneration Possible?

Advanced Rejuvenation has been working to put together the most cutting edge therapies for the treatment of inner ear conditions. Currently we are focused on the combination of physical adjustments to the bones of the skull, which also release certain connective tissues surrounding the ear, as well as laser therapy applied to the ear.

More in-depth look at LumoMed for Tinnitus Care.

To understand how these treatments work you need a good understanding of hair cells.

07b37acf3d9377809d72b7fb2900cc75Hair cells in the inner ear are the nerve cells that allow us to perceive sound waves. They are essential for our balance, hearing and proper brain function. Without them we would be deaf and disoriented. If hair cells are damaged in any way, we suffer permanent hearing loss or debilitating balance disorders. We are finding these insufficiencies are also intimately connected to our brain function and can cause issues with proper coordination of the eyes and movement of the body. Since the autonomic nervous system is also wired through these pathways, function of the gut, heart ,liver, kidney and bladder can all suffer from issues from your hair cells. With these little cells being so important, you would think this would be a major area of new medical breakthroughs… but it’s not really compared to other areas of medicine!


What are these hair cells?

Under a microscope, they look as though they have a tiny hair protruding from them so they are called hair cells. Stereocilia are the organ made of hair cells, and they bend in response to sound or other mechanical influence. There are two types: auditory and vestibular. Auditory hair cells, which detect sound, are located in the cochlea of the inner ear. Movements of the stereocilia are transmitted to the brain and interpreted as sound.

Our sense of balance is also made possible through vestibular hair cells. These are located in vestibular organs.

Besides loud noises, ototoxic drugs (drugs which damage the hearing), lyme disease and other bacterial infections, viral infections, and trauma can all damage hair cells.

The good news is that the possibility of hair cell regeneration in mammals has been confirmed! Even Harvard has done studies supporting this technology. See Study here.


Inner Ear laser therapy must be performed with specialized lasers as well as machine settings that have been discovered by Dr. Kaiser in Germany.

Laser therapy might hold the most promise for those suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. Several doctors have been working with the application of laser therapy for regeneration of the hair cells in the inner ear. The concept is that by supplying energy in the form of photons into the inner ear, the hair cells can utilize that energy to repair and regenerate themselves. Dr. Amon Kaiser has been working with lasers for more than 20 years, after his father pioneered the methods in the 70’s. (Click here for several video interviews with Dr. Amon Kaiser) It is well known that laser therapy can have an influence on growth factors and stem cell activation. Both stem cells and growth factors have been studied by major medical institutions, and both have shown hair cell regeneration effects. Another aspect of this treatment is a high safety profile, little risk of injury, and results show efficacy in hearing loss, tinnitus and balance in most cases.

Other therapies Advanced Rejuvenation offers for Inner Ear Health.

NAD+ Therapy for Hearing loss and Tinnitus

Another exciting therapy for the inner ear is NAD+ Therapy. NAD+ is a key nutrient that drastically declines with age and stress. It is also a key nutrient for energy production which the hair cells in the inner ear desperately need to maintain themselves. For more information click here.

Effectiveness of whole-body cryotherapy

in patients with tinnitus.

Treatment of tinnitus may be effective by using whole-body cryotherapy. Using short exposure to freezing conditions may improve energy production at a cellular level. Click here for a study on WBC and Tinnitus.


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Additional modalities for inner ear disease.

Why are manipulations and functional neurology applied to our U.S. based therapy protocols?


Menenges or Dura Mater may get adhesions that can cause tinnitus, hearing loss and balance disorders.

There are dense connective tissues that wind, wrap and connect to the inside lining of the cranial bones. These connective tissues are called dura mater (dura) which in Latin mean “tough mother.” “Tough” because it has 2,000 lbs per square inch of strength and “mother” because it acts to protect the very sensitive tissues of your central nervous system. The dura actually becomes the whites of your eyes and is the lining of the sinus as well as into the area around the inner ear. I always like to give the example of a swamp versus a river. Which one is a healthier environment? The river of course, as it has good circulation of nutrients and keeps things clean and free of debris and toxins. Circulation acts to “bring in the groceries and take out the garbage.” Without this, organs and tissues in your body become a breading ground for virus and bacteria, which has been shown to be a major cause of stress and damage to the inner ear. Lymphatics channels the ears as well as most other parts of your body and creates what is called “drainage.” If you have poor drainage you have a swamp and a perfect terrain for microbial growth. On top of this there is poor nutrient delivery of key vitamins, amnio acids and minerals to  provide building blocks for proper maintenance and repair of damaged tissue.  This is what FCR works on with the specific endo-nasal balloon manipulations to release these tissues and turn the inner ear environment into a river. This can lead to healing and regeneration of the cells and tissues in the inner ear.

Besides this benefit, the combination of the cranial adjustments with the functional neurology have been seen to make significant improvements in cases of hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders, which are due to central nervous system causes. (Read my article regarding central causes of tinnitus.) Many times it is impossible for the brain, eyes and muscles of the neck and spine NOT to suffer imbalance. With functional neurology, we have specific ways we activate the nervous system using a variety of modalities based on your exam findings. Many times exercises are prescribed to perform in the office and at home.

Below are videos of, non-lumomed, treatments for vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss treatments and patient testimonials.

Nicotinamide riboside restores cognition in Alzheimer’s.



Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)+, a coenzyme involved in redox activities in the mitochondrial electron transport chain, has been identified as a key regulator of the lifespan-extending effects, and the activation of NAD+ expression has been linked with a decrease in beta-amyloid (Aβ) toxicity in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a NAD+ precursor, it promotes peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ coactivator 1 (PGC)-1α expression in the brain. Evidence has shown that PGC-1α is a crucial regulator of Aβ generation because it affects β-secretase (BACE1) degradation. In this study we tested the hypothesis that NR treatment in an AD mouse model could attenuate Aβ toxicity through the activation of PGC-1α-mediated BACE1 degradation. Using the Tg2576 AD mouse model, using in vivo behavioral analyses, biochemistry assays, small hairpin RNA (shRNA) gene silencing and electrophysiological recording, we found (1) dietary treatment of Tg2576 mice with 250 mg/kg/day of NR for 3 months significantly attenuates cognitive deterioration in Tg2576 mice and coincides with an increase in the steady-state levels of NAD+ in the cerebral cortex; (2) application of NR to hippocampal slices (10 μM) for 4 hours abolishes the deficits in long-term potentiation recorded in the CA1 region of Tg2576 mice; (3) NR treatment promotes PGC-1α expression in the brain coinciding with enhanced degradation of BACE1 and the reduction of Aβ production in Tg2576 mice. Further in vitro studies confirmed that BACE1 protein content is decreased by NR treatment in primary neuronal cultures derived from Tg2576 embryos, in which BACE1 degradation was prevented by PGC-1α-shRNA gene silencing; and (4) NR treatment and PGC-1α overexpression enhance BACE1 ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation. Our studies suggest that dietary treatment with NR might benefit AD cognitive function and synaptic plasticity, in part by promoting PGC-1α-mediated BACE1 ubiquitination and degradation, thus preventing Aβ production in the brain.

Could chronic facial pain and chronic diseases of inflammation be caused by your jaw bone?


Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.17.32 AMThe chronic softening in the jawbone are a phenomenon that is not perceived by many areas of medicine and dentistry to date, or is not taken seriously, at least in their health effects. This “jaw-inflammation” were by the American pathologist Professor BOUQUOT as “Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis” (“neuralgia inducing cavity forming osteonecrosis = NICO) because they often cause unspecific facial pain.


Health effects of Kieferostitis

The health effects of NICO in the jaw can be condensed in two areas: on the one hand the local aspect of a chronic underlying irritation of the facial nerve. Here the symptom picture as trigeminal neuralgia is known. NICO is thus a special form of a jawbone disease – based on facial pain and trigeminal neuralgia. On the other hand, the systemic failure of important organs or cell function by releasing their inflammatory neurotransmitters, which are demonstrated in NICO areas. This shows a much less clear, but a confusing picture of the diverse symptoms NICO effect.

This bone disease have an impact on the overall system in terms of a silent chronic inflammation: The easily comprehensible term “NICO” has yet naturalized internationally in clinical parlance. This, and the non-visibility on conventional radiographs – “NICO does not exist” – makes the study of the chronic Kieferostitis / NICO not easier, but requires everyone involved scientific openness and probable cause search in a particular case of the patient concerned.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.17.50 AMProblems of Jaw ostitis diagnostics

To disregard the NICO as sickening change the jawbone certainly bears the problem of their X-ray presentation at: A normal X-ray image does not show the NICO or only very limited!
The introduction of digital volume tomography (DVT), a method is available which represents the structures in a NICO with greater reliability. We serve for the special bone densitometry in the jaw designed CaviTAU ultrasound system as an additional imaging procedure for the metrological determination of bone density and to hedge the previous X-ray diagnostics. For the purposes of the statutory duty of care CaviTAU is a non-load-forming additive method.

Structure and appearance of a Jaw ostitis / NICO

NICO is an insufficient supply in the form of a metabolic disorder that leads to greasy-degenerative bone resolutions. In general, deer NICO represents as greasy lumps that are easy to spoon from the medullary canal of the jawbone. These degenerate fat cells in NICO-areas form inflammatory messenger substances (cytokines / chemokines) that affect other organs and may be associated with inflammatory joint disorders, breast cancer, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis and other tumors there.