NeurO2  is designed to support increased circulation to the blood vessels in the brain. This supplement is of benefit for those going through Neurologic treatment, while doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and or doing EWOT.

  • *Supports healthy circulation and blood flow to the brain 
  • *Improves Oxygen while doing EWOT and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
  • *Provides targeted antioxidants to support the health of brain blood vessels
  • *Provides nutrients that support neurons
  • *Provides compounds that support healthy platelet aggregation and blood viscosity

It may also be helpful support with general brain metabolism and protection of the blood vessels in the brain as it relates to nutritional balance. It may also provide nutritional support during neurodegenerative states, hypoxia states, stroke recovery, brain injury recovery, and where nutritional intervention has been shown to be beneficial.

NeurO2 is formulated to provide a most fundamental need of the brain and that is oxygen. Neurons need oxygen above all else and if circulation to the brain is less than ideal, neurons will die in massive numbers.


Price: $47.50

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