GlutaMax 500mg Glutathione Suppositories #30

500mg Glutathione Suppositories are sold as a one-month supply. You can only raise glutathione at the cellular level by IV injection, inhalation of nebulized liquid Glutathione, transdermal, lyposomal or by using these suppositories.  Oral Glutathione is a waste of time since it digests in your stomach before it can ever reach the blood stream.  Suppositories can be a superior route of delivery due to the long absorption time (5-6 hours) which gives your body and brain time to pull the glutathione into the cells. These are the highest quality, highest potency glutathione suppositories available.  You may find a similar product online but check the dosage.  Look out for products that are NOT REFRIGERATED.  They have already lost any potency they may have had.  Ours are a full 500mg each and are shipped cold to maintain full potency!!


Price: $149.00

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