GlutaStat: Multi Dose Vial (Can be used for Nebulizing)

  • Excellent for chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, and any upper respiratory disorders.
  • Reduction of rhinorrhea, hyperlacrimation, sneezing, and bronchospasm.
  • High potency formula results in sustained-release Glutathione for optimal blood levels.
  • Contains Anti-Microbial Homeopathic’s , Herbal Extracts & Colloidal Silver exclusively available from GlutaGenics!
  • Contains N-acetylcysteine (NAC) exclusively available from GlutaGenics!
  • This product was designed to provide optimal support for upper respiratory tract (Sinus’/Lungs)
  • 50 mL Multi dose vial

If you are working with a health care provider that has prescribed nebulizing this product then this "nasal spray" can be used in a nebulizer. Should be kept refrigerated to maintain full potency.


Price: $119.00

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