Is TMJ a problem for you?

Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is a non-surgical, method of adjusting the bones in the skull from the inside out. It is done by inflating a small balloon in the sinus cavity for just a second or two. Those who have had the treatment have been amazed at the instant release of pressure, and ability to breathe more freely from the start.

Functional Cranial Release treatment has been known to help with or eliminate vertigo or dizziness, migraines, snoring, sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis and TMJ.

Your brain and nervous system control every aspect of your body’s response to stresses, like mental stress, emotional stress, structural stress, toxic stress, and even infections.
By balancing your brain you balance your body’s response to stress and it’s environment. Functional Cranial-Release is the art and science of restoring normal brain and nervous system function.