FCR Course For Doctors

FCR is a fusion of Functional Neurology and Specific Endo-Nasal Balloon Adjustments. It is sure to be the Most Powerful Tool In Your Tool Chest!

PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for the TOP 10% of the physicians that are not afraid to step outside the box. The TOP 10% that want to provide exceptional care to their patients. Care that works and as is a long term solution.

Endo nasal adjusting has been used in Chiropractic since the 1940’s. Then for sinus and ear issues. Whats more exiting is the neurologic effects!

See my study on the effects of FCR and brain function.

Listen to what doctors that have taken the course have to say.

“Dr. John, I am so grateful for you & your vision to share your gift. You have changed my life already in ways I could never repay you for. Thank you for helping my body to find its peace after many years of searching. I’m patiently committed to the work ahead, and excited for what’s to come. May God bless you in your continued mission to grow and share functional cranial release & such transformative natural human body work. I’m infinitely grateful God led me to you.”A. Goode, D.C.,  Memphis USA

Dear Dr John,

I hope all is well.  I have been incorporating the new technique into my practice and it has thus been VERY helpful with my patients.  I had a former professional lacrosse player who has been on long term disability for the past 3 years with a concussion; he really enjoyed the treatment and has been spreading the word to his former teamates and neurologist.  
His neurologist is a specialist in concussions, he was very interested by the procedure as he is always looking for new treatment modalities for concussions. He wants to meet with me!  Hope all goes well.
Dr. Dennis
This is a testimonial done in 2015 after a private training done for Dr. Shawn, who was looking for an edge for his Functional Neurology Practice in Louisiana.


This is a sample from the course!

FCR talk on Vimeo.

 Here is a student that has been using endo nasal balloon treatments in her practice for years and this is what she had to say about FCR training.

Obama Re-elected ie. Obama Care, Pollution, Anti-Biotic Resistant Super Bugs, Toxic Overload, Hypersensitivities, Fiscal Cliff,  International Economic meltdown, Global Weather, Big Pharma, and the List Goes On…These are stressful times we live in and the amount of stress people are under is taking a serious toll on their health. On our Health as Physicians too!

As physicians, what can we do to alleviate some of the stress our patients are under? This is why I’m so exited about FCR, I have repeatedly discovered that this system of treatment has the power to rebalance the brain and nervous system in a way that helps my patients handle stress and open their potential to live in harmony with the stressful state we all live. Jim Rohn once said ” The same wind blows on us all — we have the choice as to how we set our sails.” He was right about how we have choices on how we respond to stress. As physicians we are looking for more powerful and unique options to circumvent the declining insurance model my moving towards more cash based procedures. Options that bring value to you as a doctor and that aren’t done by every body in your town. For Chiropractors, options that will gain large amounts of medical referrals.

Lets Keep Our Eye On The Ball!

I have developed a system that can create powerful and imediate changes in patients when nothing else does. Changes that last and fill a void in health care that nothing else seems to address. Specific Edo-Nasal adjustments combined with functional Neurology makes drastic changes in as little as 15 minutes!

A system that is easy to understand and duplicate. Maybe your just looking for another modality to expand a new profit center in your practice with FCR? Whatever your reasons this course will not disappoint!

Here is a short clip of some of the Functional Neurology that is covered in the class.


PLEASE REMEMBER… your #1 focus is patients! By improving your clinical skills, you get patients better that NO ONE else was able to. Guru’s, hospitals, neurologist and specialists will be baffled at your results. You will literally be giving chronic patients their life back! And you will be able to charge a cash fee for this because you get results where others don’t. Word will spread and you will have more work than you know what to do with treating these chronic patients.

Just Look at the loads of Testimonials on this Vimeo Channel

A Six day course will give you the edge as a physician to SUCCESSFULLY treat Migraines, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Sinusitis, TMJ, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Dystonia, Parkinson’s, Stroke, TBI and much more .

I call it a system because traditionally techniques are taught by GURU’s that can sometimes be rigid in their belief systems which can ultimately prevent the art and science of a particular healing modality to progress. One of my mentors, Dr. Burl Pettibon, D.C., developed the Pettibon Chiropractic Spinal System. He has a number of experts that have contributed to his work and the result is a system of spinal correction that is exquisite and comprehensive. Another great teacher of mine is Dr. Ted Carrick, D.C. of the Carrick Institute of Neurology. I have been following Dr. Carricks work since 1993 and without a doubt he dominates the field of functional neurology. Another teacher of mine in which I trained under, almost 13 years ago now, was Dr. Dean Howell, N.D., the developer of NeuroCranial Restructuring. These 3 doctor’s are the main influences towards the development of functional cranial release or FCR. I have been developing FCR over the last 12 years into what is now a replaceable method that can drastically improve humankind in a short period of time… consistently. Consistently is the key as I have treated many that have traveled for all over the world to receive FCR. Just watch all my video’s on line and you will see many of them.

“Dr. John, , I am a chiropractor in Canada.  I have an interest in Functional Neurology but really don’t know where to start.  I have looked at the courses that Dr. Carrick is offering, but would like to get some advice as to where to start. ” 
Dr. Brad Murray

Hello Brad,

“Yes, Functional Neurology is a very rich and rewarding model to use in practice. I would look into some Carrick Modules even if you are considering my course. I feel that what I teach is critical to really offer many of these neurologic patients some core tools that will make fast and long term changes in brain activity (Cranial /EndoNasal Balloon Inflations). My course is a basic course when it comes to Functional Neurology so you don’t need to have any prior experience to attend. At the same time I have had diplomates as students which become amazed with the effect the work I teach has and would not want to ever practice with out the technology.”

“I was just asked by one of Carricks top teachers to train him with FCR last weekend so there is interest in endo-nasal work within the Carrick Camp. Even Dr. Carrick uses endo-nasal many times, although he does not “officially” teach it in any of his courses.”

“I once meet a student from Europe who was training at Life to become a Chiropratic Neurologist based on his brother being treated by Carrick using an endo-nasal adjustment.  Really there is no right way to start as it is a long term commitment to learn the Functional Neurology.”

“The FCR can be used as a stand alone treatment and the Functional Neurology Filter can be applied in whatever level you are currently at!  As you evolve the work will evolve with you.”

John Lieurance, DC, ND

Due to interest from fellow medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, and chiropractic physicians, I have decided to begin a series of courses to pass on this valuable system.

A system that specifically addresses improving patient’s brain function, balance between the hemispheres, improved frequency of firing in the brain, reduced stress and tension on the meningeal system, improved airflow through the nasal passage which decreases mouth breathing, snoring, & sleep apnea, also improving cranial rhythm which normally pumps oxygen and neurotransmitters via the CSF. This system of structural and controlled release of the skull specifically the sphenoid bone through an internal manipulation using and intranasal balloons which are specifically placed in areas to the nasal passage which are tested for neurologically. These balloons are then inflated in order to release the Dura Mater where it is bound up and adhered. these areas of dural adhesion can greatly influence posture, facial and dental architecture, neurology, cranial rhythm, and overall oxygenation of the brain and spinal cord. Specific manipulations of the spine and extremity, eye exercises, vestibular training, physical therapies, and percussion are used to target neurology. The use of glutathione therapy as well as EWOT can be important to improve brain function and the brains metabolic capacity in certain patients.

Specialize in the Brain. Treat neurologically based patients.


Your patients WILL respond, they will experience life-altering results and rave to others – just watch some video testimonials from many of our patients on this web site, our You Tube Channel and Vimeo Channel. And YOU WILL LOVE practicing this way…re-discover your enthusiasm for practice…..and be of much greater value to your patients. FOCUS on getting these chronic condition patients better and all else follows!

Apply for the basic course on

Functional Cranial Release HERE

Enjoy the number one beach in the world as per CNN and learn FCR.

Contact us for training dates and details.

Private Courses are available upon request.



Hey Dr. John…I spent days watching your videos…reading your website and checking flights and hotels in your area. I was thinking about bringing the family down for spring break but then I got the bright idea to ask my friend and chiropractor Gabe McKinney if he would be interested in taking your course and letting me be his guinea pig. Well low and behold he had just taken your course. I just had my second treatment today and WOW. I’m not sure if it will fix my menieres or not but I can feel my sinus’s draining and I can automatically breath better. Thanks for the quick first response and for letting your secret out.

This course will consist of the following:

Anatomy and physiology.

A detailed explanation of the skull, meninges, history of cranial manipulation and endonasal techniques. Science behind how the skull shrinks with age. Detailed descriptions of the nasal passageway, the sphenoid bone, and why the use endonasal balloons are the most powerful tool available for manipulating the cranium.


Application of FCR.

The diagnosis of Pitch and Yaw in posturing and vestibular plasticity. Using head positions to diagnose menigeal adhesions. Using the arthostim and percussion as pre-treatment modalities. Specific pre and post nutritional and nasal irrigation applications for various conditions. X-ray analysis and views to asses the FCR patient. Using a specific method to determine intra-nasal balloon placements developed by Dr. John using visual diagnosis of proprioceptive and shunt stabilizing of the pitch and yaw and lateral sway fields. Review of cautions to be taken when using endonasal procedures. How to insert the balloons intra nasally into various locations and how the locations will specifically effect the sphenoid listing. Safe execution of a endonasal inflation. Determining follow up guidelines after care programs. Charting and note taking for FCR and insurance reimbursements.

Basic Protocols for different case’s and conditions.

Basic protocols, and specific treatment protocols for various conditions such as vertigo, stroke, sleep apnea, snoring, TMJ, depression and anxiety, scoliosis, tinnitus, chronic sinusitis, head trauma, and migraine headaches. How the use of functional cranial release can be dovetailed into a chiropractic or medical setting and a model of structural and corrective care for both the spine and skull.

Functional Neurology.

The clinician will also be taught some basic neurologic testing to assess patients for hemesphoricity, cerebellar disorders, canalithiasis using Frenzel lenses, as well as x-rays of the skull and cervical spine to determine a proper course of treatment using functional cranial release. Our system of dealing with these types of patients is quite unique and will enrich your treatment options and clinical responses to these cases.

Objective Assessments and Marketing.

UnknownAna Gonzalez Dynamic trials phase plotDoing a neurological exam to determine brain function and hemispheric balance for cerebellum and higher brain centers. Using a saccadometer to measure eye saccades to objectify brain function and effect from balloon inflations. The use of a balance platform as it relates to functional neurology as well as functional cranial lease will be discussed in detail. The use of the platform as a screening tool for outside marketing at events, and health shows and also to use internally to market within the practice through screenings.

E.W.O.T., Glutathione, and Nutrition with FCR.

Exercise with oxygen therapy can be an extremely helpful modality when used properly. We have found that exercise and oxygen therapy along with functional cranial release can drastically increase the oxygenation of the brain. This can allow for other modalities such as this vestibular rehabilitation, chiropractic corrective care, nutritional or weight loss programs, stroke rehabilitation all to work much more rapidly and effectively. Exercise with oxygen protocols will be explained and demonstrated as well as protocols to present to your patients within their treatment plan.

At a time when people are looking for something different and effective EWOT  can be a big selling point to new perspective patients. See o2Exercise.com to learn more.


Experience first hand the healing power of FCR.

At the end of this training you will have performed at least 4 treatments on three patients each for a total of 12 treatments that I will personally oversee and give you feedback directly. This will be a small group of about 3-5 doctors.

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Yours in Health,

John Lieurance, ND, DC, RMA, DACNB, (Board Eligible)

Functional Cranial Release